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As Maneth said upthread, it's interesting to learn more about the various races. Centauri society is an interesting one. Not that there any UNinteresting societies in the Babylon 5 universe. The Centauri appear to have some very rigid social rules. I'm vaguely uncomfortable with the idea that cultures who embrace concepts like blood oaths (Narn) and duels to the death (Centauri) are technologically advanced enough to be space-faring (and then some). But, I'm never entirely sure about the Centauri. It is possible they are trying to recreate some former glory and have gone back to duels and such in the somewhat recent past. It's hard to think of them as anything but imperialistic, but perhaps they enjoyed more progressive periods in their history.
Well, there is a debate as to whether there is a correlation between technological progress and cultural progress. Steven Pinker in his book Better Angels of our Nature outlines a rather convincing case that humanity is becoming more peaceable as we become more developed, although I'm not necessarily convinced that technological progress always makes a society more... sensible, for want of a better word. There must be other factors involved too. The Narns got a shortcut to their technology - they reverse engineered Centauri tech, so maybe their culture has yet to catch up. The Centauri on the other hand have had their glory days and have now become decadent, falling back on old ideas and a strange sense of honour above common sense in their effort to rekindle those old glories. As we saw, this way Londo's way led them down the path of destruction. Vir's way, which I doubt would have involved duels to the death, was the way forward.
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