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Re: EpDis: Knives

It seems I can chime in with most of the previous posts - this was an enjoyable episode, but not one of the important nor best ones. The Centauri information does further the story arc, but the Sheridan plot lacks fascination. Baseball in space, an unidentifiable lifeform (It's life, Jim, but not as we know it...), dream images that attempt to communicate - all really more Star Trek than B5.

What I did like was something that shows up every once in awhile - grapple hooks instead of non-material (and therefore unrealistic) tractor beams.

The aspect of self-sacrifice is one that shows up frequently on the show. Urza sacrifices himself for his family, and Londo brings the sacrifice of killing his friend for the better good.

There are a couple of nice Vir moments - the opera arias at the beginning are amusing, with both of them singing and Vir apparently winning the argument. Like the viewer, he finds something in Londo's character to admire in this episode. And he is the voice of Mollari's conscience at the end, not for the first or last time, telling him that it's not too late to make new choices. I wonder, could Londo have done so? Theoretically, yes, but would his character traits allow him to?
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