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Re: EpDis: The War Prayer

I wonder how David MacIntrye fared as a resistance leader on Narn, and what he did after Narn was freed.
He's a character I, too, wonder about. I totally loved his connection to G'Kar. Perhaps if he did become a Ranger, which does seem like it would fit him well, he went back to Narn in the years afterward and used connections he made while there to begin training some Narn as Rangers.

For that matter, did Vir's wife Lindisty -- and did she and Vir ever get married?
I can't ever see Vir actually liking Lyndisty after finding out what she did.

KoshFan, have you read the Centauri trilogy? There are considerably developments for Vir's character in those novels, including in the area of love interests.
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