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Re: Claudia Christian in an episode of the Fox series 9-1-1

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. You can still do housework and exercise and such, while hearing a story or newscast. I feel out of touch with American entertainment.
I definitely agree with that. I watch many shows and it is tough to get anything done, even if I have seen it before. I usually try to put something on in the background while I am doing things and I almost always get distracted and sit down to watch. Audio only is great. I love audio books. I've always been a slow reader, so listening to someone tell me the story is awesome. I can drive the nine hundred miles to my mom's with an audio book and be just fine. SO of course 90% of the time I drive there my dad hitches a ride and he refuses to let me play an audio book. It is insane.
Next time, buy a car which has a window between the back and front seat. Like in a limo. You can make him sit in the back.
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