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Re: EpDis: Infection

I remember disliking this episode in the past, but I rewatched it last night and can't really remember why. Not to say that it was an awesome episode, but for being the first episode filmed it's hardly an atrocity. Maybe I'm getting more accepting in my old age.

I'm also not remembering why I disliked Sinclair so much in the past. I had it in my head that he was a boring, deadpan actor. I'm still not ready to get a Team Sinclair tattoo, but he's out there doing stuff, emoting, and generally being a character. Maybe he levels out through S1? I dunno, we'll see if my Sinclair-apathy returns.

Smuggling things into B5 seems fairly easy. Surely some dust and weapons dealers must realize that they can just put their drugs in a box and then hang out with the single guy in charge of checking it out before killing him. Or slip him a few bucks to wave them through. It was this guy's second day and he had sole, total control over what was allowed through or not.

Speaking of, why hide the artifacts in the first place? He was visually inspecting the boxes, not running spectral scans and such. They'd have never been discovered to be organic on a visual inspection. Franklin didn't even know at first.

Not to mention, since when are organic things subjected to quarantines? People move freely, food moves freely, clothing (some of which must be organic) moves freely.... so what exactly are they quarantining?

The racial purity theme was a bit eye-rolling. Ok, maybe they screwed up the targeting parameters and wiped out their own race. I can buy that. But why project this whole "racial purity" onto it? Was there really any data that would have said "we are racists" instead of "we were rushed and our machines of war wiped us out"?

Good thing Franklin was able to convert that ancient, heretofore unknown storage device into something capable of interfacing with the B5 computers and translate their language that quickly. I've had trouble converting documents between different versions of Word in the past.

The machine was a fairly mindless killing machine. But wait, he was programmed with the thought patterns of the scientist that created him. Maybe if I say words to him... Yes! He's fully sentient and capable of understanding what he's done! ...Then why did he do it in the first place if he has a fully functioning personality with a conscience?

His gun gets 20% more powerful every time he uses it. Don't ask how, it just does. Remember how he just hit those two guys so hard they vaporized and left shadow imprints on the wall? Well, when his gun is 44% more powerful (at least, wasn't really counting) Sinclair is just thrown back a few feet. And the guy's engaging in fisticuffs, with a gun that can fire once and then needs to be recharged (except that we never really see him recharging or stopping between shots, so maybe it doesn't in spite of that being mentioned), why don't they just tackle him after he takes a shot?

>Favorite student
Geez, it's like you've never even been to university. Didn't you know that a minimum of 10 archeology courses is required for every course path? Franklin obviously did the recommended 20, and when you spend that much time with a man... well, things happen. Don't judge their love.

As you say, this could have been done better. I agree with what you said on the matter but have nothing else to add.

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