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Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations

Another great episode. This one is of course dominated by Kosh's death, but there is so much other important arc stuff in here ...

Mr. Morden just sort of stumbles, by chance, on the one way to get to Londo and is able to renew their relationship. I can't help but feel bad for Londo, to see him so happy and excited, only to have it all crushed. You know Adira would have made him a better person.

Dr. Franklin and the stims .. Yea... Kind of amazing that Dr. Hobbs hasn't quit already, although I suppose that now that the station has seceded from the Earth Alliance, she might not have many options. There does seem to be a pretty high turnover in medlab. I quite liked Dr. Hernandez in the first season. Then there was that other dr. who got yelled at by Franklin when she correctly identified the dust connection between the two patients in Dust to Dust. I think she was in the episodes before/after that one, too.

Anyway, it's interesting to see the interaction between Garibaldi and Franklin here. And Franklin eventually admitting that there is indeed a problem. About time.

Somewhat unrelated, but those sliding doors in medlab always looked pretty annoying to me. I'd be forever tripping over the "bottom" door as it was sliding to the side.

Kosh's death still makes me sad. I've always been so excited about the Vorlons. Even knowing everything that comes after, I guess the Vorlon programming worked on me too because I'm still excited when I actually get to see one, and I want to feel good about them. Kosh, especially, because he seems to have "gone native" in a way, after his time on Babylon 5. He seems to really care about the people there, about Sheridan, for sure. The scene where dying Kosh appears to Sheridan looking like his father is quite moving, as is the scene of his ship flying towards the star. I feel kind of sad for the ship, too.

That scene where the Vorlons attack the Shadow fleet is still exciting to me. We've never seen this many Vorlon ships! And they're winning! The only problem with this bit is when the people in the war room follow the battle on their display, and it's kind of a super old school display. It makes me laugh a bit.

Also, about the intro bit: "Brakiri space" always looks so pretty! You know, even when it's full of attacking Shadow vessels
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