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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

I have no problem with Dany's motives. I have always felt her reasons for wanting to rule were flawed. The signs that this was coming were always there. The fact that all of the characters guiding her toward becoming the right kind of ruler have been steadily killed off only guided this further toward happening, so it isn't outlandish to think she could do this. The problem is that we are at the end of the story and this will be her fate and it is a fate she doesn't deserve. Instead of learning from all of the lessons she's been taught for eight seasons and making the right choices no matter what effect it would have on her becoming Queen we get that she learned nothing and deep down she always had a monster in her. I would have been fine if she didn't become Queen or somehow accepted being Queen was not her only fate. And honestly, her death would have been better than this villainous turn. I mean I didn't want to see her and Jon get married and rule together because that just seemed too much like a fairy tale and quite a bit sexist. But death or anything else would have been better than making her a monster and the end of the series.

And as I said, logically she should be taking Jon and Tyrion down with her, fates they don't deserve. Best case scenario, Jon kills Dany and Drogon then, as I heard someone fortell today, returns north of The Wall or back to Eastwatch to help rebuild The Wall. I feel all threats from a Night King or Night Queen should be over, but it is a TV show that wants to do the unexpected. But back to how she has ruined them. The society who remain should want Jon and Tyrion dead as well as Dany. It doesn't matter that they were acting in good faith. They convinced thousands to follow her and she burned everyone.

And like I said, Varys was always getting better throughout the show. To show that in the end he was always just going to go where the wind blew was a horrible fate to cast on him. His motives were pure and they turned that into someone who could just never commit.

Okay I wish I had more energy, but I am OUT!
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