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Re: EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

I like Draal, this one much more than the blustering, slapstick one we see later.

The first thing I think of when I look at this episode is Londo. It's his last hurrah, last noble and "fun" adventure before entering the darkness that would consume the rest of his life. Once you've seen the series straight through, Londo in this episode takes on a whole new meaning- the first viewing, it's comical or silly. The second one, it's bittersweet.

Delenn continues to be pious and arrogant and annoying. I really don't like her as a person those first couple of seasons. After she hits bottom and claws her way on top and starts to kick ass, I'm in love with her.

What really bothers me about the Great Machine is that they didn't know it was there. There just happened to be one of the most powerful and mysterious devices in the galaxy sitting little right under the station and- oops- no one had the foggiest notion. Ok.
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