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Re: EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

It's weird that B5 only produced two 2-parters in five years. I suppose that once the episodes became so heavily serialised, it just wasn't necessary..

A Voice in the Wilderness is a little slow, I think, especially towards the end - there isn't quite enough plot to spread it out. A couple of random thoughts: I like the way that the Mars revolt is slipped into the background, though it's actually a major blip on the B5 timeline - it helps give a sense that there's a big universe out beyond the station. And Lise Hampton - who'd have thought from this that she'd be making appearances right up to the end of S5?

It seems strange that G'Kar is absent, though there are some neat moments for the other characters.

Also, I'd never fully appreciated the extent to which this episode pays homage to the film Forbidden Planet until I saw it recently - everything from the Great Machine to certain CGI background shots.

I always laugh at the alien at the end who manages to learn English in the course of issuing an ultimatum - must have been tough on the actor.

This episode gets a B+ from me.
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