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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB SYNOPSIS: The gang returns from 1947 and discover that things are not as they remember them. And Dr. Grant came along.

I admit that I really enjoy this concept just because it has shaken things up so much and is more of a long run crisis rather than pure crisis of the week. LOVE that Zane is back to being someone I can enjoy not liking instead of a guy I'm supposed to like.

While I admitted above that I enjoy what the show is currently doing I have to admit I am equally not a fan of how it has just given them an excuse to play with emotional entanglements. The only one that matters to me is Allison and Kevin.

So I am getting more enjoyment from the show at this point, but don't get any hopes up. I was sailing with love for Season Three at this point and that took a nose dive within a few episodes. But we'll see.
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