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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

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Yes, JMS turned down more Lost Tales when they didn't offer what he considered a sufficient budget. As for other projects, there may have been a low-budget game that JMS also declined to be involved with. There was at least one reboot TV series a few years ago that was contracted for and JMS had gotten a full season order and good budget and creative control. The venue that was planned for the series failed to materialize, however. Sources I trust have said that Big Finish, the audio drama people, have asked about getting a license and been turned down. During the Free Babylon 5 campaign, I heard of some TV stations that asked about running B5 but were either turned down or got no response. I'm not certain of these sources personally but it fits in with the response that all of us who wrote letters to WB got - nothing at all.

Here's JMS' post from 2008 where he talked about only wanting to do a big-budget feature film. Later in appearances he expanded that to a properly budgeted TV series. This is the key for me:
As well intentioned as Rangers and TLT were, as enticing as it was to
return to those familiar waters, in the end I think they did more to
subtract from the legacy than add to it. I don't regret having made
them, because I needed to go through that to get to the point where I
am now psychologically, but from where I sit now, I wouldn't make them
I think the quality of many scripts went WAAAY down after B5 ended, actually after Season 4 was completed. Crusade had meddling for sure, but that doesn't excuse the poor writing, casting and composer. LOTR was super disappointing, especially the goofiness of the battle sequence. It was a solid concept though. Putting Lochley in one of TLT episodes was a misfire as well, I know that Joe became fond of the character but she was probably last on my list of B5 regulars I wanted to see return. It seemed like Joe kept trying to make lemonade of the lemon that was Claudia bailing.

Jeremiah didn't really hit it's stride until late in the first season, but I think part of he issue was being forced to hire recognizable actors that sometimes simply weren't very good.
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