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Re: EpDis: A Voice In The Wilderness Part 1

It is hard to review the first half of a story, isn't it?! I do like the idea that the planet B5 orbits ("all alone in the night" - doesn't that line of Sinclair's in this season's title sequence irritate you?! You'd think they were isolated from the rest of the universe - but everyone's old girl/boyfriends, mentors, enemies, rabbis show up, so they're not very alone, are they?!), which was thought to be uninhabited and chosen as the base for that reason, is discovered to be inhabited and full of advanced technology after all. The underground stuff looks fantastic.

I guess this half of the story gets its highlights from the personal moments - I love Ivanova's mantra, Londo's hokey-pokey, etc. The cliffhanger isn't bad either - not seeing something, just the reaction of a character to it, is always a good method to keep up suspense.
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