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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
Yeah, of course I remember that, but I tend to disregard that since the rings are discarded. I was more thinking of some particular revelation that comes down the line that Urban Roy hasn't seen yet and won't see for some time.

Of course, I have to ask what exactly is "a force of [2/3/4/etc] gravities"? G'Kar could barely move at like 5 gravities, but people who ride roller coasters can easily experience that number of G-forces, and that's much lower than what an astronaut experiences, and none of them are at the edge of being killed due to lung explosion or whatever Delenn describes the results of the next stage as producing. It makes me glad the rings were discarded.
I only used that one, because it would be the one most present in his mind at this point, but, there are a number of other cases coming, despite many cases of the opposite also coming.

I too always wondered about the G-Forces, I wonder if the idea behind is that it was like an invisible beam, that went directly to the innards, rather than simply a case of g-forces hitting from the outside. Or perhaps, there already is heavy gravity on the station, so each G-force increase is a greater overall weight than one would imagine. And a 3rd option might be, that Minabri gravity is heavier than ours (or perhaps Narn gravity is lighter)

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