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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

"Soul Hunter" is an episode about Minbari religion and that's why I like it.I think that JMS didn't mean brain patterns or recorded personalities but real souls.We can see them coming out of the spheres at the end of the episode when Delenn set them free.I think that it's not the Christian concept of the soul that JMS is talking about.It's closer to the concepts of the Eastern religions where the souls are reborn into the next generation over and over again.

The episode is showing us that even if souls are a joke to humans they are very important to the Minbari.Important enough to stop a war because of them and to let a human be the head of a Minbari organization like the Rangers.

And I have a theory of mine about the connection between souls and evolution.The souls are reborn thousands or millions of times into the next generation of Minbari, Humans or other species and this brings them closer and closer to perfection.At some point the souls are so perfect that they evolve into something like energy beings like the Vorlons for example.I think that for JMS souls are the key to becoming more like the First Ones.That's just a theory.
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