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Re: EpDis: The Illusion Of Truth

I liked it quite a lot.

An interesting sidestory reminding of how unequal access to information, and ability to limit its ordinary flow (or threaten with reprecussions who transmit undesirable information) makes available powerful tools for manipulating perceptions and opinions.

Especially so between places separated by natural (distance), semi-natural (language) or traditional artificial barriers (borders).

Having said that, I wonder how Babylon 5 never mentioned a then mostly fictional, but now increasingly real form of creating artificial information scarcity - namely DRM. I'm sure that EarthGov would have loved to have customer lock-in technologies which media corporations already now develop.

Darn, they're a century ahead of EarthGov already in 2006, and the countermeasures are ahead it too.

Well, perhaps dramatic reasons, perhaps because nobody of the storytellers stumbled on the idea, perhaps because they thought it wouldn't be realistic or interesting. But had I been writing the story, I'd have written in a little question "can DRM be used for this too?".

Given good ideas, "how will people of the time circumvent blockade" would have also been a nice tidbit of a story. But hey, airtime and time in general is finite - it was good enough without getting to everything.
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