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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Well, like I said, he's used his sword cane before. He also tried to use Amoracchius that one time (bad idea).
The sword cane is mentioned and slightly used in Turn Coat... not by Harry though. I like how he never even picked up a sword in the book and yet there he is... holding one..... on the cover. Hmmm...

The cover to Small Favor shows him holding a single action revolver too... pretty sure his 44 isn't THAT old.

& I don't think he's ever worn a hat... yet he's wearing one on every cover. It looks cool... but that's not how he rolls. Trench coat yes, staff yes, 44 occasionally. No cowboy hat though. He wore cowboy boots in a couple books though.

The guy who does the cover needs to get his $hit together.
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