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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

Originally Posted by Bab5nutz View Post
- although I note that some Minbari males have beards.
Huh, I never really noticed that. I mean, I noticed that there are Minbari with beards, but I didn't really think about how that makes no/little sense in a race that has no hair ... I guess they have eyebrows and eyelashes so perhaps we can assume that they too evolved from hairy ape-like ancestors and just lost the hair and gained a bone for some reason.

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post

And it's not as if Talia was some helpless damsel in distress- she exhibited a real attitude when she fought off Bester with the underground telepaths.
I agree. I was reading all these comments about how Talia is whiny and vulnerable (here and in the thread for Spider in the Web) and I'm thinking I have never considered her vulnerable or whiny ... (not that I think there is anything wrong with having a vulnerable character. Not everyone has to be a strong person to be an interesting character). She stands up to Bester!

I quite like this episode. Londo's wives are great. I like the Psi Corps background stuff, and it's interesting to see how Talia's feelings towards Psi Corps evolve over time. She seems pretty bitter about her arranged marriage, but apparently at the time that wasn't enough to really turn her against Psi Corps. Now after the Jason Ironheart stuff, and the Abel Horn thing, she's definitely questioning things. I'm not entirely sure if when she originally agreed to leave with Stoner, that was because he messed with her mind, or if she really wanted out of the Corps.

Also, urgh, archaeology in the Babylon 5 universe Again! It seems like uninhabited or unclaimed planets/moons/whatever are fair game, and anyone can just go there and dig up stuff, call it archaeology, and legally steal anything they find. They are legally allowed to sell artifacts for profit and everyone seems to think that's normal and perfectly fine. I imagine there's some SERIOUS debate going on at archaeology conferences back on Earth, where old school archaeologists who think that's no way to do science battle it out with the for-profit types
  • I see Talia's habit of conveniently walking in at a point in a conversation where her arrival furthers the plot conveniently furthered the plot here
  • Can't Delenn call whoever helped her with her hair when she first came out of the cocoon? Who was that, anyway?
  • Delenn says Minbari don't perspire like humans. Did that not change for her? A functional uterus and hair on her head, but not sweat glands? Interesting.
  • Did Mat Stoner "leaving" Psi Corps not come up in Garibaldi's background check?
  • Centauri women get a raw deal... Completely dependent on their husbands for income and status ... At least the upper class ones. Lower class Centauri woman presumably have jobs, but get paid low wages (I'm guessing based on what we know about Centauri society)
  • Is there a reason Delenn and Lennier wear the same shirt? Or under-robe, or whatever that is?
  • The only way to leave Psi Corps is to lose one's telepathic abillities. It's interesting that there doesn't appear to be a way to do this. I guess the technology they use to mindwipe people convicted to "death of personality" is pretty ... unrefined? It's impossible to target specific areas in the brain and only erase certain aspects of one's personality?
  • Does no one wonder why Mariel's Centauri metabolism didn't set off the boobytrapped artifact? Seems like that would make her look pretty suspicious.
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