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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates


I'm not sure I like the Delenn "bad hair day" plotline - it seems so trivial. Yet we all know how important hair is to our well-being, and it is interesting to experience her problems in adjusting to human nature, so it's not too bad. But what happened to her bone structure when the hair was messed up?! It wasn't there, and it's too prominent to disappear under the hair like that.

Best facial expression(s) of the episode: Ivanova, when called upon to assume the role of a big sis for Delenn - especially at the end when entering the elevator. [/QUOTE]

I rather liked the Delenn subplot. It showed just how different Human and Minbari are. She comes from a race where there is not exactly a big demand for hairdressers - although I note that some Minbari males have beards. A lot of humans have trouble with their hair - imagine someone who had never had it, never needed it, and came from a place where no-one had hair, suddenly got it. And as for periods? Well, I was never comfortable with having periods - I suspect that a lot of women aren't. And here is a person who never knew that there was such a thing about to get them. She probably would have been pretty grossed out. And it gives some answer to the the question of just how "Human" Delenn has genetically become. And this is finally fully answered near the end of season 5.
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