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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

Great episode! It's chockfull of so many really good lines and details of character development. I've enjoyed Peter David's writing for Star Trek and he does very well here too. Yes, the Londo plot does remind me of ST - remember Mudd and his "Stella" in the original series? But that doesn't mean it's a copy - just that PD writes humour excellently and has a style of his own.

The title has a double application to both Londo and Talia, both of whom did not find their soul mates in their marriages. It also seems to implicate that Garibaldi and Talia could be soul mates, if what Delenn says to him is taken as possible. (In real life, I guess they thought they could be and found out they weren't...) However, I like the original title - Londo and his wives as the apocalyptic horsemen!

Yes, Timov rocks! I love her ascerbic comments and especially enjoy the interaction between her, Londo, and the other two wives. I very much liked being able to encounter her again in the Centauri book trilogy - it would have been fun to see her again in the series, but what with the action getting heavy and serious, she probably wouldn't have fit in later on.

I'm not sure I like the Delenn "bad hair day" plotline - it seems so trivial. Yet we all know how important hair is to our well-being, and it is interesting to experience her problems in adjusting to human nature, so it's not too bad. But what happened to her bone structure when the hair was messed up?! It wasn't there, and it's too prominent to disappear under the hair like that.

Best line of the episode: "If you were married to Londo Mollari, we'd all be concerned!" (Mariel) Maybe Londo and G'Kar are the true soul mates of the story!

Another Star Trek moment that reminded me of the Betazoids was the requirement to come to the ceremony barefoot - at least they didn't have to disrobe completely!

Best facial expression(s) of the episode: Ivanova, when called upon to assume the role of a big sis for Delenn - especially at the end when entering the elevator.
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