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Re: Are people born with a love of space adventure?

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
(I might have mentioned this before) Speaking of Philip K. Dick I did finally read DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? I was GREATLY disappointed, but I can see how it was ground breaking for its time. I now know a concrete example of a film being more interesting than the book it is based on. My biggest issue with the book was when Deckard was taken into the Police Station. It was just too far from believable that it could have happened and then Deckard's reaction to it was weird. ..... And that is why I have sworn off books and that reading thing forever.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is the only Philip K. Dick book I've read (so far) - I was surprised by how normal it was, given his reputation for substance-enhanced storytelling! I liked it well enough, Dick's prose is very slick, I remember it felt a lot more low-key than the film, but I did deliberately try to avoid comparing it too much to the film. I'll always try to read a book before I see the film, wherever possible, if it's something I'm interested in – remember doing this just before I saw Starship Troopers. Love the film, but the book is a different beast and it was helpful to see which parts of the film were inspired by the novel, and which parts weren't. Been doing the same for The Expanse, and as a result prefer the books to the show (even if the authors are arrogant so and so's).

To answer the OP's question - nobody is born with anything, but we are influenced by the people and events around us. My dad was into space and astronomy and science fiction, so from about the age of 4 I was too. If I'd grown up two decades earlier, Apollo would have probably inspired me instead. What inspires kids to like the same type of things as we did today? Elon Musk? Don't think so. Though I like Discovery and Picard, they are hardly accessible like TOS and TNG were, which were a source of inspiration for many. Mars rovers maybe – and the latest one is landing today!
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