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Re: Larry DiTillio 1940-2019

Okay, I'll play.

Favourite episode: Spider in the Web. I thought it had good moments for Talia, Sheridan and Garibaldi; first appearance of Zack; and some very good guests stars, Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Beck, James Shigeta (actually, thinking about it, that's possibly the best guest cast a B5 episode ever had, at least until we got to River of Souls). Though the story is, I guess, what JMS recently referred to as the beginnings of DiTillio trying to create his own little universe within the broader B5 universe.

Favourite moment: The Vorlons taking out Deathwalker.

Favourite DiTillio addition to B5 lore: the work he did fleshing out the non-aligned races. That, and Jovian Sunspots!
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