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Re: B5 returns (UK)

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I have to admit, some of the cuts they've made to the episodes have been a bit hilarious. They edited out the head butts from Survivors and Garibaldi getting violent with the racist guy in the Zocolo in A Voice in the Wilderness, but kept in Ivanova's head butt during the Zocolo brawl in Eyes and showed the entirety of TKO pretty much uncut from what I could tell (the episode was omitted from the original airing of season 1 on Channel 4, and was then shown late at night before the start of season two). Then just today they censored Ivanova's sex dance in Acts of Sacrifice! They faded it out just after the kiss kiss grab bit. I guess a fake orgasm must be a bit much for Sky One at 9.45 in the morning!

What year is it again?!
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