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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

That was an incredible episode. Red Wedding levels of shocking. And now we know why the battle against the White Walkers had to end first!

My first reaction was, 'why is she doing this?' It would have been one thing to attack the Red Keep and there be collateral damage, but to go street by street and 'burn them all'? I wondered if it was too severe a change for Dany's character, but thinking back, I don't think it is. In fact the show has constantly been warning us, and we've just not been paying attention.

In season 1 she burned the witch. In season 2 she locked her friend in a vault to starve/suffocate to death, and threatened the masters of Qarth that she'd come back and burn down the city if they didn't support her. In season 3 she burned Astapor and stole an army of killing machines (it was no surprise to see the Unsullied sack King's Landing, they were trained to kill infants as part of their final test). In season 4 she massacred the masters of Mereen even if they were innocent. Season 5 she killed Mossador without a trial, Season 6 she burned the khals, gave that speech to the Dothraki on the back of Drogon about conquering Westeros, and then told Tyrion she was going to crucify the masters, burn their ships and 'return their cities to the dirt' only for Tyrion to talk her out of it. In season 7 she burned the Tarlys and continuously threatened to burn King's Landing to the ground only for Tyrion and Varys and Jon to talk her out of it on each occasion. And in season 8, in quick succession, she's lost her two closest friends and advisors, seen her army cut in half, faced certain death against the dead, and lost another of her dragons. It was just too much for her and she snapped, with nobody left to restrain her. I think the moment Missandei was beheaded, Daenerys decided she was going to destroy King's Landing. To her the civilians weren't innocent, because they hadn't overthrown Cersei themselves.

So the signs were all there that this is her true nature, even if I didn't want it to turn out this way for her. Will she feel remorse next episode? Will she have internal conflict? Or is she now in full 'mad queen' mode? Either way, Jon and Tyrion will be her next targets, followed by Winterfell. If ever there was a time for Bran to actually do something and warg into Drogon, now is the time!

Prediction: Jon will take the throne because he will feel a sense of duty to repair the damage - he will feel guilty that he didn't stop Dany.

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