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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Actually, about all I was saying is how I admired the episode. "It would have been easier to..." I assumed would be followd by an understood "but thank goodness JMS is such a good writer he didn't take the easy out".

There is just something about posting comments here that is interesting. It's interesting to see how people interpret what you write.

BAck to the episode:

It is interesting to see the B5 folk greet Bester-and-company. From their perspective, everything he's said about B5 certainly seems true: they were rude and angry at him/them the entire time. Considering it from what they see and hear, and not knowing the background between Bester and B5, it's even rather understandable.

And I disagree with the idea that if the female teep trainee hadn't spaced the mundane she'd somehow have ended her career. Aren't P10's rather rare? One mistake on one "test" and you are out seems a rather careless attitude to take with sucha precious commodity.
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