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Re: What do you want?

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To know the story of the Telepath War. Even in sock puppet form.

"Bester sucks, Lyta."
"Bester totally sucks, Garibaldi. We should beat him up. Synchronize watches for two years."

"Bester sucks even more now that he's a politician. I wish I could beat him up."
"Let me poke your brain. There, now you *can* beat him up."

"Hey guys, I heard we were gonna beat up Bester, can I come?"
"Sure, Sheridan."

"Hey Lennier, Psi Corps HQ sucks. You should blow it up."
"I am honored to be included."
"Guys, what's Lennier's exit strategy."
"Good luck out there, Lennier!"

"The Psi Corps are all beat up! Down with the Psi Corps!"
"What did you do with all the telepaths?"
"We gave them new uniforms and asked them nicely to just be cool."
"But how will that effect long-term change? Won't the cycle just repeat unt..."

Some moderate poetic license has been taken with the storyline. Any relationship to Babylon 5 Season 6 is purely coincidental.
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