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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
All I can say is that there were only a certain number of episodes and a certain number of minutes per episode. The show was a slice of history and history is seldom neat and tidy.
That feels like it's just deliberately ignoring the show's (perceived) faults. I feel it *is* okay to criticise the show and JMS' writing; doing so is not a betrayal of the show or of JMS. It's the stature and esteem that the show is held in that makes critiquing it worthwhile and helps us better understand the story and the characters. And different people will have different critiques and not everyone will share the same ones, but it's the discussion that helps illuminate the different ways that we view the show. Trying to avoid criticising the show is doing it a disservice.

B5 is my favourite show, ever – period. We're all still here 20 years after the show aired because it means something to us, and surely we repeatedly go over and analyse the same plots and characters because we're seeking to appreciate it and understand it better, the same way a piece of classic literature might be discussed and critiqued over the generations.

Look at it this way – I keep going on about the ethicality of using the telepaths for spying because I'm interested in the writer's intentions, and how that's reflected in the story. Was JMS trying to get the audience to question whether using the telepaths was ethically ok? At the time of writing did he believe that kind of invasion of privacy in the name of spying was ok in the context it was used in? Would he think the same today, and how would he tackle it in a modern storyline? What does it say about the characters? And as we're interested in characterisation and character growth, how did the Byron incident change any of the characters, other than Lyta? In a story with strong character-driven plotlines, how events change the characters is paramount to how we judge the meaning behind those events.

Plus when JMS talks about the story being partly about taking responsibility for your actions, that was something I took to heart in life, so I do notice when it's missing from the story.
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