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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

The thing is .. also if Talia left, her story plot obviousley went on - through the Psi Corps in general, through Bester, mostly through Lyta. It's something JMS does a lot, transfering plotlines from one character to another if things don't work the way they were planned for whatever reasons. I'm SURE Sinclair was going to get together with Delenn eventually if he had stayed, after Catherine was lost in deep space on a survey mission .. to Z'ha'dum (Sinclair's other girlfriend, Caroline, was a freighter captain .. so a similar plan could have been in storage for her too) .. I'm sure that most of Takashima's plot was given on to Talia too in the end. So Talia leaving doesn't really make this episode a throw-away in any way.
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