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Re: Read Between The Episodes

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
The most glaring need for "reading between the episodes" is Sheridan's opinion of G'Kar in "The Long Twilight Struggle." Sheridan says that he doesn't want to go the next ten years without G'Kar's insight. But what insights? What wisdom? Yes, G'Kar was right about the Shadows, and yes, he'd just made a compelling speech in the council chambers about freedom, but most of the interactions we've seen between them at that point were about the Narn-Centauri War (and Narn-Centauri relations in general, as in their scene together early in "The Coming of Shadows").

But having seen the pearls of wisdom G'Kar produced for Catherine Sakai in "Mind War," it's easy to believe that G'Kar has been dispensing insights on a regular basis and we just don't get to see them.
And don't forget that Sheridan and G'Kar were actually introduced and spent time together during the Earth-Minbari War. We have no clue what they discussed then or if they had subsequent discussions after that meeting. There is a segment I would love to see; Sheridan, Franklin, and G'Kar traveling to meet Lenonn. And what happened to them when they were released. Did they strike up a friendship? For all we know the three of them were pen pals from that point until they were reunited on B5.

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Speaking of Catherine, we must also read between the episodes for her entire relationship with Sinclair. Gone between Mind War and Chrysalis! She and Ivanova have never met on screen before she asks Susan to be maid of honor! It's a pity -- I like Catherine.
Yes it would have been nice to see more of an explanation. I mean honestly should could have gone to Minbar with Sinclair, but that was never her style.
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