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Re: How would you reboot B5?

My preference is a solid, self-contained series as a reboot, of course, but I have occasionally entertained the notion of three overlapping full-length series. In my most fanwankerly of daydreams, I think I might like something like this:

* A Starship-based series.110 episodes, five seasons.

* Babylon 5, a space station-based series, 110 episodes, five seasons. This would start at the same time as the third season of our starship-based series, and run concurrently with it.

* A rangers-based show. 110 episodes, five seasons. This would start at the same time as the third season of Babylon 5 and the final season of the Starship-based show.

The individual series would take place in the same universe, would overlap somewhat in time, and have occasional crossovers, but they'd basically be independent standalone series. One could watch just B5 or just "Ranger" or just "Starship" and have a complete story without having to watch the other two shows to know what was going on.

So we're looking at 15 years/ 330 episodes of a franchise, but owing to the overlap, it'd all take place in 9 seasons. A hellish production schedule, I know, but TNG/DS9/Voy and SG1/SGA proved it's at least possible.

So why do it?

Well, firstly it'd be fun. You want to see more of the B5 universe, this could show it from several different perspectives, all of which could compliment each other.Case in point: the first two seasons of B5 are prettty slow, not because they're bad, but because it's a new universe and it takes forever to bring people up to speed. If we dumped those 'unusual alien encounter' episodes into "Starship," it frees up a lot of space for more interesting arc-based station eps.

The perspective stuff is the thing that most interests me, though. Imagine this:

"Starship" is our first show. We get planet-of-the-week stuff, but done modern non-cheezy style, unlke Trek. Just bringing a B5 sensibility to a simple trek-style venue would be a revolution.

So season 1, season 2, and then in season 3 B5 starts. Season 4 of Starship is season 2 of B5. Season 5 of Starship is season 3 of B5, which puts it in the middle of the earth civil war. Looking for a way to end your starship series? How about it's involved in the attack on B5 itself, and gets blown up? Some characters die, some are taken prisoner on the station, and then sent off to prison camps. THat's one HELL of a ballsy way to end a series. Added to which, we'd get to explore the EA civil war from BOTH SIDES simultaneously, which would be all kind of fun!

Season 5 of "Starship" would also be season 3 of B5, and season 1 of "Rangers," which would be a show about rangers. White stars, rangers running missions, fighting the shadows, recruiting new members. So for a year there, we've got the final season of "Starshiip," the middle year of B5, and the first year of "Rangers" all going at once. Again, this allows us to show different perspectives on the same conflict. The rangers can't understand why B5 is so distracted by the Civil War and not spending enough time on the Shadows, for instance, or a zillion other interesting things.

Babylon 5 would end at the end of its 5th season, 2 years after "Starship" ended, and 2 years before "Rangers" ends. This would allow us to see a kind of progression from a human-centric show to galactic civilization, and do cool stuff along the way.

It is completely unreasonable to assume anyone would pony up the dough, but as long as I'm daydreaming, this is my best-possible reboot situation. What do you think?

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