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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
I'd reboot Crusade using the existing Crusade scripts except War Zone, and as many of the original actors as possible. Matheson (DDK in H50V2) would have to be re-cast, and probably Gideon as well. I'd love to have Gary Cole back as Gideon. Peter Woodward as Galen and Carrie Dobro as Dureena and Tracy Scoggins as Lochley are must haves. Bester would unfortunately have to be re-cast (Maybe not? Hair dye and makeup?).. Brooks should be back as Eilerson. It wouldn't bother me if they re-cast Dr.Chambers.

I'd modify Appearance and Other Deceits to remove all trace of the uniform change. I'd pick one uniform Gray/Red or Black and stick with it.
So straight forward reboot. Change nothing, just a do-over, and resign yourself to having a somewhat older cast. Doable. Certainly the most efficient way, as you've got all that stuff written, and a working model to compare it to.

You could still use Bester with no problems. Walter is in good health (Better, he says, than when he did B5, as he's really taken pains to exercise and diet stuff following his heart attack), and remember: the character was always older than he appeared. (In the books, he's in his 70s). His present baldness could simply be part of his cover. He is on the lam, after all. Fugitives do tend to change their appearances.

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