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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Originally Posted by ranger phil View Post
I would love Joe to reboot B5 based on his original concept. (well i seem to remember sinclair was due to make it through the series and travel back in time to become valen, although i could be wrong).
Politely, you're wrong. The whole "Valen" arc was introduced as a way to write O'Hare out of the series. It was not part of the original draft. I have a pretty detailed outline for the original concept of B5, if you'd like me to link you to it.

The "Dark" angle is interesting. I don't think it's the way I'd go, but it's got potential. I think that's the sort of thing that might be sort of "Naughty" for today's audience, though. If it had happened during the BSG/SGU era, that totally would have been a hit. Nowadays? People seem to like it sunny with occasional scattered clouds of "Oh my God!" (See: Doctor Who.)

Also - and this has nothing to do with you, and please don't think of this as a criticism in any way, 'cuz it's not intended as one - it's worth noting that we are in the middle of the longest stretch without a space-based TV show since the early 1980s. We've gone three years without one now.

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