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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

I just watched this for the first time ever... I vaguely remember being excited when I heard that it was in production, but then I didn't get the opportunity to actually see it and I only just bought the DVD earlier this year, shortly after starting another B5 rewatch. I hadn't really read much about it either, so I went in not really knowing what to expect.

Sometimes I wonder what Babylon 5 would look like to me if I had never seen it, and started watching it now, with new eyes. I honestly don't know how that would go, but I kinda think I would like it better than Legend of the Rangers ... I didn't HATE it. If there had been a series, I would have watched the next episode, although perhaps not with very high expectations.

Like many other people who posted in this thread, I found myself thinking about The Gathering, and what that would have looked like to me as a standalone thing (I didn't see The Gathering until I was already hooked on B5). It's just really hard to say. Babylon 5's excellence comes from the overall story, and you wouldn't have been able to guess how that was going to turn out based on The Gathering. Maybe Legend of the Rangers could have gone someplace really interesting as a series.

As a standalone thing, though, it's really just "meh". I'm somewhat pleased to see that I echo pretty much everyone when I say that the weapons system was ridiculous. It's not just me being overly critical. It was ridiculous as it was, but then there was that scene of Sarah just screaming ... I kinda wanted to hide under my couch at that point. I'm also in agreement with everyone who said that the "no retreat" thing was nonsensical.

This looked to me sort of like any of the dime a dozen new shows I sometimes check out on Netflix. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, exactly. It's not that the characters look too clean ... It's not fantasy, after all. Something about makeup, perhaps? Speaking of makeup ... The Minbari, Drazi, and Narn characters looked great ... Just like any Babyon 5 Minbari, Drazi, or Narn. But, what was going on with the makeup on the ghostly dead former crew? Was that intentionally bad? For what purpose?

And, speaking of ghostly dead crew members, don't Minbari (or, most Minbari? Religious caste Minbari?) believe in reincarnation? Why is communication with souls just hanging around a thing now? Minbari are sensitive to these things? When one is close to death the veil is particularly thin? What?

I had a moment of dread when I heard the words "archaeological dig". Not ANOTHER plot where evilly ambitious archaeologists unleash some great evil, associated with a powerful alien race! There already are two whole Babylon 5 movies (and one episode) built on exactly that premise. Fortunately the 'archaeological dig" turned out to be a somewhat minor part of the story ... just there so that some amazingly talented archaeolinguists could quickly decode some alien pictographs to gather just enough knowledge to further the plot. Convenient, that.

I'm not too bothered about "The Hand". That could have gone many directions if there had been a series. The weird thing was G'Kar making that comment about all spacefaring races having legends about "a great darkness" (or whatever the exact words were, I only watched it the one time). This is an odd comment in a post-Shadow War universe.
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