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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

I don't see how that backs up anything you said. In fact it actually undermines your point.

If Mars is still part of the Earth Alliance that means that the Narn setting up a consulate there could be controversial even after they have independence. JMS doesn't seem to disagree that Mars being part of the EA is a similar situation to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in the UK and EU. While they have a lot of power to govern themselves foreign policy is decided by the nation as a whole, not the individual countries that make up the UK. I can easily see the same sort of thing being true for the EA.

If the Americans set up a consulate in Northern Ireland to deal directly with their government and not the British one you can bet there would be a hell of a controversy about it in the UK. The Narn setting up a consulate on Mars after their independence could easily be controversial. They are part of the EA but if they start making different deals from the rest of the EA it's going to cause all kinds of problems, especially within the Sol system.

Hell, just look at the mess surrounding the Republic of Ireland and Brexit if you need an example of how an independent nation having different rules from the rest of locallity can cause all kinds of controversy. The EU as a whole has been nothing but controversial in the UK. And that's a situation that has all kinds of analogies with Mars gaining independence but staying part of the EA.

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