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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
If you accepted a job in New York, would you bother researching what happened to Old York? =]
Well, as it happens, I would ... because there's a good chance that would be at least somewhat relevant to the job I'll give you that that's not going to be true for the vast majority of jobs, but I don't think the comparison is fair. New York has been called that for rather a long time, and I think people have at least a vague understanding of the reason it's called that, and are at least vaguely aware of the existence of an "old" York. I would think that if New York was founded after "Old York" suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, people would be more likely to know about the origins of the city, even if it happened a long time ago. Babylon 5 is brand new, I feel like any quick Google (in universe equivalent of Google) would provide an interested person with a bunch of information on how it came to be and what happened with the previous versions. All of this stuff JUST happened in the past few years.

>have some company
Good to hear. It'll be more interesting to sort of rewatch it with somebody else, since the damnable wife refuses to watch B5 with me. (Damn you, Sinclair, you and your questionable charm!)

I'll probably be watching roughly one episode per evening. Don't really have the time to binge-watch like I once did.
Your wife finds Sinclair so un-charming that she doesn't like the show??
I tend to binge-watch in spurts these days. Some days I go through several episodes, and then I'll go several days or longer without watching anything. Kinda depends on what else I have going on at the time.
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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