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Re: The races of Babylon 5 based on fictional sci-fi books

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Arthur C. Clark’s work is clearly translated to the technology of the show!?

How did you come to that conclusion. Because of one similarity between one design used in 2010 and one used in Babylon 5!?
There a lot of elements in there, the space suit design, the communication system, etc another example that was devised by physicist Gerard K. O'Neill that was used for the B5 station was the O'Neill cylinder.

@Mike G first post:

Well I only said technology wise, and aesthetic designs for EA, never said much about political standings, it was clear there based on modern earth but with technology advanced to that level, were never going to be like star trek, were'll still be pity, greedy, selfish human beings.


But then I noticed the "based on fictional sci-fi books" in the thread title, and thought it was an inappropriate answer for the question, despite the fact that it questioned the Question?
There clearly some winks and nods here and there to other great sci-fi epics like what Triple F said.


I agree with Mike G. While many elements may have flavored various aspects of B5, JMS is far too creative to have just taken other people's work and adapt it for his own use.
Where does creative inspiration come from? from other works, from real life event, most sci-fi is a social message to modern times.


I recall Joe stating the Centauri were based on the Roman Empire, but it's not an exact 1-1 correlation either.
That could be another influence, I'm not discounting it, not at all, I'd embrace that concept, but I'd still believe Dune's House Harkonnen has another influence on the Centauri
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