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Re: Reaction videos

Originally Posted by LateArrival View Post

She is also posting Stargate videos. On the Patreon side, she is now at S01E07.
Okay I did get caught up on the B5 side.....

I have such a troubled relationship with Stargate. I both love and dislike it. (Hate was way too strong a term.) If it weren't form my LOVE of the cast Stargate SG-1 is one of the biggest shows be lobbying for a proper reboot where the story is told by better storytellers.

Biggest issues....
- Never should have gone near ascension and definitely should have never doubled down on it.
- Too much concern for one-upmanship.
- Failure to recognize their own strengths and regularly focus on them.

These three things led to soooo man other issues, like what ruined the Replicators for me. Replicators were such great villains, but the need to focus on one-upsmanship ruined them for me.
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