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Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
That just shows that the market is there.

Would the market be there:
A) Excellent writing keeps it current.
B) Recent re-mastering-ish streaming availability.
C) People discovering it due to news of the potential reboot.
D) Recommendations of others.
E) Need for Good SF is always there.
F) Solely to annoy a certain someone who is on the fence about creating similar videos.

Read that the real benefit of it being available on a service such as HBOMax is that new viewers can Sample it, whereas on other platforms (Amazon, etc) the only option is an outright purchase. Potential viewers would want to get a taste of the series first before committing to spend $$$$, and if they can watch it At No Extra Charge, so much the better!

On the topic of streaming, was looking at MC's videos, and am assuming that since the picture-in-picture is 16x9 that she is watching the DVDs rather than the 2021 re-releases?
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