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Originally Posted by LateArrival View Post
Was doing some off-topic reading as it appears they are bringing back two companions from the Classic series - Tegan and Ace - later this year. Was scrolling and clicking here-and-there and read that Nicholas Courtney made a brief appearance on screen as The Brigadier in the Dec 2008 (S2E11-12) episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures. While the new series didn't revisit Classic characters that often, at least there are the Big Finish releases.
Yes, I have heard something about them returning. I had wished Nyssa could return, too. But it will be great to see how the modern writing will deal with these headstrong characters.

I didnít know about the Brigadier in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Iíll have to see if Hulu or HBO Max has that series. Iíve seen some of it, but not much. It was definitely made more for kids, but it looked like it might be fun. Thanks for sharing that, Late Arrival.
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