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It would be a tricky balance (pleasing fans of the classic show while not pandering to them). I know when they rebooted Doctor Who they avoided bringing any of the older characters back to the show for some time. But I think in the end regretted not having Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart return. Later, they brought in one of his descendants (or relative of some kind, maybe niece?). I think a lot of us regretted missing a chance to see this beloved character again.

Was doing some off-topic reading as it appears they are bringing back two companions from the Classic series - Tegan and Ace - later this year. Was scrolling and clicking here-and-there and read that Nicholas Courtney made a brief appearance on screen as The Brigadier in the Dec 2008 (S2E11-12) episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures. While the new series didn't revisit Classic characters that often, at least there are the Big Finish releases.
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