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Re: special Guest Star - ...........

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Iím as hard to shake off as a bad rash.
I believe someone did say that about you.

Well I keep posting because I want it to appear there are active threads. New Members and prospective members will likely be discouraged by seeing a bunch of threads no one has posted in lately. I just feel bad for them because they might end up talking to me.

You know I am going back through the show and it really is remarkable how many good guest stars they landed, GEOMETRY OF SHADOW with MICHAEL ANSARA last night. I REALLY can't wait to see whom the reboot comes up with. BUT I feel like original cast members have to have multi-episode arcs. They REALLY need to get on this so we can see what JMS comes up with for Walter Koenig. But Bruce, Claudia, Pat, Peter, Jason, Bill, and Andrea (if she wants to come back) all need multi-episode roles, and by multi-episode I mean at least 50each. Also would love for Tamlyn to get a substantial role. I think Josh Coxx would make a great villain - I only say this because, as I believe I might have referenced earlier, he had a great one-off villain role on REVOLUTION that should have become a series regular villain role.
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