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Re: Reaction videos

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post

Some Shemp and Andy Clyde and Shemp-solo short features are on the bonus DVD of The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection. The ones with Andy Clyde are 10 out of 10.
Ah yes, The Ultimate Collection, the one thing I haven't purchased because I've purchased everything else. (INCLUDING TWO NEW T-SHIRTS THAT JUST ARRIVED LAST WEEK - SHEMP FOR PRESIDENT and YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE (CURLY'S HEAD IN A PRESS)

WOW! I guess we have all been busy for awhile.

So here is a question I pose to anyone still regularly checking in. Do you prefer the reaction format or would you rather just have a five to ten minute video review of an episode?

I keep trying to get my friend to watch the show. It has been a struggle. One excuse he gives is that I haven't come up with a format we can use for YouTube.

So would you say reaction videos like these are best or say more of a Podcast format? And would you rather just hear from someone whom has never seen the show before or would you be more inclined to watch if it were someone who had never seen the show before with a long time fan?

He wants to do videos that react to multiple episodes, but it has become my thinking that attention spans die quickly after the first five minutes. So I lean more toward individual episode reviews that last between four and ten minutes.

BUT what I really want to know is your opinions.
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