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Re: Reaction videos

Originally Posted by babylonfan View Post
I tried the medusa reaction videos, but could not finish them.

Maybe itís me being Dutch, maybe itís my Aspergerís syndrome, but the over the top emotional reactions really bug me. Had it not been for the accent I would have guessed her to be American. From them I expect over-the-top look-at-me reactions, not so much from the English.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Is this what an "over-the-top look-at-me" American Reaction looks like?!

So I've watch the first few Medusa videos and while I like her enthusiasm I have to say I'm not a fan of the jump-cutting reaction format.

Funny you mention American's "over-the-top look-at-me" attitude. I am co-producer of a little YouTube channel that I've been told suffers from one big issue - I have zero interest in giving people my "over-the-top look-at-me reactions" in front of the camera. My partner has no problem doing it himself, but he brings up every day how I need to start. I just want to be sure you know, BabylonFan, if I ever do decide to step in front of the camera I will HAVE to give "over-the-top look-at-me reactions" because I have to get people's attention. I'm not pretty enough for them to just want to see my face.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post

Just a quick reply. MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948) and HOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
are two favorites of mine. Re. MEET THE KILLER (1949), I'm not sure if I've watched that one. However, I have all four of the Abbott and Costello movie collection volumes.

Maybe we could start a vintage comedy (feature length movies, short features, and TV) thread which could include The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, the Andy Clyde short features, the short features in which Shemp starred or co-starred, etc..
MEET THE KILLER is also known by how the title card read, MEET THE KILLER BORIS KARLOFF.

I REALLY need to see those Shemp shorts. I haven't seen enough Laurel and Hardy. I need to see more. While we're at it, should we throw in Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, The Ritz Brothers, The Marx Brothers, and of course Sir Charles Chaplin. (I'm honestly not the biggest Chaplin fan, but I do recognize his genius.)
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