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Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
The more I re-watch The Three Stooges, especially with Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp, the more I appreciate their craft, the timing and sound effects, as well as the individual talents of Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp and their supporting character actors (Emil Sitka, Cy Schindell, Vernon Dent, Bud Jameson, Gene Roth, Tiny Brauer, Stanley Blystone, Kenneth MacDonald, Ann Doran, Jeanne Willes, Christine McIntyre, Virginia Hunter, Lorna Gray, and Ruth Godfrey.). I never cared for Joe Besser as a Stooge, but Joe DeRita was pretty good. Besser was a better fit with Abbott and Costello.
You are talking my jam KOSHN.

I used to feel the same about way about Besser, but say what you will the first three Stooges' third men, Curly - Shemp - Besser, were unique in the trio. I love DeRita, but he definitely brought the least unique style to the trio.

Should we start a Stooges' Thread

And best Abbott and Costello movies......


Oh one more thing, I own several Stooges t-shirts that I regularly receive complements about. The odd thing is my newest acquisition has yet to be mentioned. It features Curly and the saying "I try to think and nothing happens." Hilarious right?! Well I have yet to receive one mention. I realized last week that I think it is because Curly is wearing a hat in the photo. I don't think people recognize it is him.
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