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Although I'd love to see some gust appearances from the original series, I really just want to see what an alternate universe's Babylon 5 would be like. I want to be surprised.
Completely agree! But this sort of thread reminds me of an episode JMS wanted to do but had nixed by the Powers That Be (don't recall if it was WB or PTEN): He wanted to do a dream episode where the actors played different characters. JMS showed the premise in the script books where G'Kar falls ill and has this dream:

The shape the dream takes is as follows: he
awakes in darkness, goes to the mirror, turns
on the lights...and he's human. He is in an
Earth uniform. He is Captain Jack Carr of the
Earth Alliance; his female Russian second in
command is Commander Dylan (a human version of
Delenn, played by Mira without makeup), and his
security chief is Len (the human version of
Londo, played by Peter without makeup). They
don't believe his story that this is a
dream...neither do the various ambassadors,
Minbari ambassador Sherdinn (Bruce in
prosthetics), Narn ambasador S'san (Claudia in
prosthetics), or Centauri ambassador Garbaldo
(Jerry in prosthetics).
Could have been so much fun!!

Would also have been Revenge of the Makeup Trailers and the possible return of Abrahamo Lincolni.

I thought another reason it might have gotten the axe was it was considered Too Similar to the DS9 episode Far Beyond the Stars, although in that episode everyone was without makeup since it took place "in the 60s". B5's episode would have had the actors swapping roles while still keeping certain characters in makeup. Different concepts, but someone worried that it was Too Similar?
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