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Re: special Guest Star - ...........

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
I for once liked Lyta way more than Winters, and Iwas really glad when she returned. So I'd totally love that ^^

If instead he has a new take on the original story, I don't think he'll use any of the old characters but the old league as special guests. Bruce Boxleitner should play something with heavy makeup to in my opinion, just out of respect for Mira and Bill ^^

Lyta/Talia/Lyta was a great example of JMS using his Trap Doors, and hopefully with a reboot he wouldn't have to use them as often as in the original series.

As JMS once referenced that IF a Brady Bunch movie could be made, should be possible for a B5 movie as well... in the Brady Bunch movie Florence Henderson was cast as their grandmother - therefore should be possible for original B5 actors to appear in a rebooted B5 universe as different characters.
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