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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
I'm about to make the recap of Deathwalker. Again, please help me with my questions:

It's about the Telepaths:
The Vorlons made the Telepaths as weapons against the shadows, but in this episode we are told, that the Vorlons are cautious with Telepaths. Why would they? A theory mentioned in this thread is that they are just checking on their weapons. but then why are they known to be cautious about teeps in general.

Additionally: this does weave into the first question, but has nothing to do with this episode, so sorry for going off the rails here:
Didn't the shadows use Telepaths as pilots? How does that work, if Telepaths where meant to be the weapon against them??
Not sure if Vorlons are wary of all telepaths, but we did see that the Shadows had infiltrated Psi Corps, so that would explain some wariness.

Yes, the Shadows were 'importing' telepaths as components for their ships. But I always figured that was in order to turn their weakness into a strangth. Since telepaths could interfere with the gestalt between the human operating system and the Shadow vessels, using telepaths *as* that operating system would neutralize that weakness.
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