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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

I think we're talking about two different projects here. Yes, TMOS got further along...

I think Looney and I were both talking about the San Diego Comic Con announced B5 film in 2014.

Quoted from news articles at the time

"Speaking at San Diego Comic Con last week, Straczsynki announced that he would soon be sitting down to write a Babylon 5 feature film, which is envisioned as a reboot of the iconic sci-fi series. JMS said that he plans to get the script locked down by the end of 2015 and the film would then enter production the following year in 2016.

The hope is that Warner Bros, who produced the Babylon 5 television series, would step up and green-light a “big budget” feature film once the script has been completed. But owing to the nature of the deal that Straczysnki inked with the studio to produce Babylon 5 in the early 1990s, he, rather than Warner Bros, owns the feature film rights to the show. Should Warner Bros. choose not to greenlight a B5 movie, Straczynski would still proceed with the feature, which would then be funded and produced through his Studio JMS banner on a budget of $80 – $100 million."

And from Jan's report of the panel:

So it's been a really big year for Studio JMS. And due to that, he can now look to doing a feature film ffor B5. JMS recapped that WB owns everything about B5 except the movie rights and even though he holds the film rights, to take a B5 movie to another studio without holding the TV rights wouldn't work. There's one studio in LA that doesn't care about that - Studio JMS - and in 2015 JMS will write the script. He'll give WB the opportunity to step up, but if they don't, Studio JMS will make it in 2016 on thieir own with a $1-200,000,000.00 budget.

This stuff was all said with a totally straight face, and not many caveats were given. It was all big lights and bluster.

The caveats about 'street cred' came later when it became painfully clear it was never going to happen. It was presented in no uncertain terms as 'i'm going to write it' and Studio JMS are going to make it if WB pass on it. This is why I take any B5 announcements with a large truck load of salt. JMS loves hyperbole, especially his own.
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