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Re: Season 1 recap


Ummmm..... I claimed the point and declared the game to be over. That means full season re-watch. Sorry, those are the rules I made up in my head and everyone must abide by them.

AND more specifically, while a full Season Re-Watch won't help them establish connections to future episodes they have yet to see, it will allow them to catch plot elements they may have missed on the first go-round that are just plot points and not necessarily tied to any extra critical arc elements. Plus they will have plot elements that do tie into the arc more firmly grasped.

BUT now that I've done my due diligence on what you SHOULD do I can be practical and say, just start Season Two. I first really sat down and started watching every episode with Season Two in late 1994. I saw bits and pieces of Season One the prior year, but did not have the time or will to commit until Season Two. They've already seen Season One and, as has been stated, they aren't really going to get everything until they make it to the end. For the sake of being practical just start where you left off, fill in the blanks as you go, and count on them doing a second viewing to get the full meaning.

There, that's not so Looney afterall.

PS And yes something like a YouTube Recap is fine, but watch it first to make sure there are no spoilers - because many such things have spoilers. People like to hear themselves talk.

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