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Re: Season 1 recap

Thanks for your input!

I'm in line with babylonfan/Springer and Ubiks thinking: A rewatch is probably too demanding and there is lots of material that, while adding to the flair and world building, are not really critical to be able to follow the rest of the story.
Of course I could just tell them: "hey, we're about to start watching B5 again, maybe give S1 a rewatch!" but as they have to take care of a 1.5 year old hatchling I doubt that they have the time and energy to sit through 15h+ again. The reason why the watching of B5 worked in the first place is that it doubled as a social event to see each other again and after the catching up was done, we ended the evening by watching 1-2 episodes of B5...

But maybe I should mix it up: make a recap with everything except chrysalis and then watch chrysalis again together...

I'm gonna start rewatching the suggested episodes and keep you updated on my progress. I haven't found a recap on Youtube so far, but if I accomplish this task, there will be (although: I won't make it public. I'll probably post a link here ^^)
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