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Re: Season 1 recap

Maybe tackle it narratively rather than trying to compile a complete introduction. After all, your friends have seen season 1, so they probably don't need to be reminded who the Minbari are or what a Centauri looks like. It's probably more the case of them having forgotten plot points.

The main plot threads that continue after season 1 that I can think of are:

1. The Narn-Centauri relationship/conflict – so include scenes such as the invasion of Ragesh III, and G'Kar and Londo's respective replies to Morden

2. Londo's involvement with the Shadows - again, Londo's reply to Morden, the Shadow ship destroying the raider ship and retrieving the Eye for Londo, and Londo's deal with the Shadows to to wipe out the Narn base in quadrant 37

3. Sinclair's missing time from the Battle of the Line - suggest including bits from And the Sky Full of Stars, and from Signs and Portents when Garibaldi finds out the Minbari chose Sinclair to command the station. Maybe also include a few scenes of Neroon from Legacies as he becomes important later in the show

4. Psi-Corps - scenes from Mind War with Bester and Jason Ironheart warning Talia and Sinclair about the Psi Corps, also maybe the scene from Midnight on the Firing Line of Ivanova telling the story of what happened to her mother

5. Epsilon 3: so the Great Machine, Draal taking custody of it, and the mystery of Babylon 4 ( but maybe don't make it obvious that B4 and the Great Machine are connected!)

6. The Alien Healing Machine - just a short snippet from the Quality of Mercy explaining how it works

7. Everything that happens in Chrysalis. Seriously I'd repeat watch this episode with your friends before starting season 2, so much happens in it!

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